Our Story

La Posada started as a market that provides money transfer services serving the Latino working class. When their customers began requesting prepared foods, they added authentic dishes and set up tables and chairs. Their menu has evolved and now includes everything from tacos to chiles rellenos, home-cooked breakfasts to full catered dinners. Reinforcing the Mexican culture and taste we strive to bring authenticity to our community. The kitchen was expanded twice over the last 10 years. We are in the process of  update our dining area to welcome families to join us at our table!

Juan Romo, a Mexican immigrant from Jesús María, Jalisco, with the dream of being his own boss, decided to take ownership of a small business in Southwest Detroit in 2005, known as la Posada. Providing authentic Mexican goods and services, Juan with his wife, Rosa, and his family want to provide Detroit and surrounding areas a taste of the Mexican culture. In the beginning, it was a struggle because the family took over the business a little before the recession. But through perseverance and desire Juan and his family could push through the difficult times. With the addition of a neighborhood iconic cook, Lety Bravo, have brought new flavors to the kitchen. Another welcome addition to our team is Veronica , who improved the technical areas of the company. Her expertise helped make La Posada more resourceful as well as efficient. With the help of the Romo children, especially the oldest son, Juan Jr. the market has evolved into a family restaurant that brings you the tastes of your Abuelita’s kitchen.